Our desired characteristics and qualities


All teacher training programmes are different, and at Ark Teacher Training we want to ensure that our students are taught by the strongest trainees to give them the best start in life. We therefore assess candidates’ abilities in the following areas during the application and assessment stages:

Subject knowledge 

A good understanding of (and passion for) the subject you wish to teach. 

Alignment with Ark’s ethos and values 

One of Ark’s core values is to have high expectations of our students and of ourselves. We know that with a great education, our pupils can achieve highly regardless of their background; we want our trainee teachers to share this ethos of high aspiration and see it as part of their role as a teacher.


As a teacher you will be responsible for ensuring your students have strong written and verbal communication skills, so we expect the same of our candidates. We’ll be looking at how you try to engage us as your willing, adult audience… because it will almost certainly be a bigger challenge to maintain the interest of a whole class!


Teaching is hard! Not all the feedback you receive as a trainee will be positive…at the beginning, most of it will be constructive! You’ll find it frustrating not to progress as fast as you want, the workload will be intense, your students may face challenging backgrounds that you will need emotional strength to deal with daily – all of this means we need to know you stay optimistic in the face of setbacks and can find solutions to problems.

Curiosity and eagerness to learn 

Great teaching comes from more than just knowing your subject well. The best trainees are hungry to continue learning themselves – not just teaching techniques and curriculum, but understanding the local and wider education context that they work in. This results in better equipped and more informed teachers, as well as increased motivation and a good role model for students.


In order to become great teachers, our trainees need to reflect on their own practice daily so that small, incremental changes can be made with positive effect. Our best trainees can look critically at their own teaching to spot areas for development as well as strengths, and react positively to their coach’s feedback, leading to much quicker progress.


If you feel that you can demonstrate strengths within each of these areas, we’d love to receive an application from you!

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