Hastings’ burgeoning art scene, historic old town and seaside air make it the perfect place to start your teaching career, and our range of schools here give you plenty to choose from.

Ark has five schools in Hastings, and if you join our programme, we’ll help you find the best school for you.

Ark’s two secondary schools in Hastings, Ark Helenswood Academy and Ark William Parker Academy, are the only single-sex schools in the entire network. As well as sharing a sixth form, the schools are joined by three primaries, Ark Blacklands Primary Academy, Ark Little Ridge Primary Academy and Ark Castledown Primary Academy. Ark Blacklands Primary Academy is a fast-improving primary school near Hastings’ picturesque Alexander Park. The school features a pioneering outdoor learning centre and greenhouse, which gives students access to active learning and supplies the school canteen with fresh produce.

A vibrant and friendly school, Ark Little Ridge has built up strong links with the local community, whose staff have been praised as focused, committed and caring by parents.

Ark Helenswood Academy is an all-girls secondary school with a performing arts speciality and students have performed as part of Hastings’ 2012 Olympic celebrations. A former sports college, Ark William Parker Academy is an all-boys secondary where exciting sports programmes sit alongside a drive for excellence in traditional academic subjects. Both schools are improving quickly and share a sixth form, which has already sent students to top universities like Cambridge and King’s College London.

If you are interested in training in Hastings, apply now or get in touch. We’ll work with you to place you in the school of your choice.

Our Hastings Schools

“Every day is filled with challenges, exciting opportunities and amazing rewards”

Charlotte WardTeacher at Ark Helenswood Academy