Salary & Benefits

Get a bursary or salary to help with your training year


Depending on your  degree class and the subject you teach, you could be eligible for a government bursary of up to £30,000. Find out which bursary you could receive here!

You may also qualify for a student loan to cover the cost of your tuition fee. Click here for more detailed information about student loans. This route is available to all eligible candidates, but if you graduated three or fewer years ago, this is your funding option. 


If you have worked for three years or more since graduating, you may qualify for a salary and your school will pay for your tuition fees. The exact amount you receive will depend on the school you work in, the location of that school, and the kind of work you have already done before.


If you wish to train to teach physics, maths, chemistry, geography or modern languages and have a 2.1 degree or higher, you can apply for a tax-free scholarship of up to £30,000. This scholarship replaces the bursary that you would receive from the government – and comes with extra perks, such as access to resources for your subject and a network of other trainees. For more information on scholarships and how to apply through the relevant organisation, click here.

Regardless of the funding route, all trainees receive the same amount of training and support.

Did you know?…

On both funding routes you will qualify as a student during your training year, which means you will be eligible for student discounts nationally.