Get a bursary or salary to help with your training year

There are a number of different funding routes for those wishing to complete our School Direct (SD) training programme. If you fall into any of the below categories, just make sure you specify your preference on your application form.


School Direct (Salaried)

If you have worked for two years or more since graduating, you may qualify for a salary and your school will pay for your tuition fees. The exact amount you will receive will depend on the school you work in, the location of that school, and the kind of work you have already done before.

What do I get?

  • You will be paid a salary on the ‘unqualified teacher’ scale during your training year
  • Your school will pay your tuition fee for you (£9,250)
  • In your NQT year you will move onto the qualified teacher payscale. To give you an idea, point 1 on this payscale (the standard amount for a trainee to be offered) could range from over £23,486 for Birmingham and Hastings, to £29,375 if you’re based in inner London.


School Direct

Bursaries and scholarships are available to trainees on a fee-based teacher training course in England that leads to the award of qualified teacher status (QTS). Availability is dependent on the highest relevant academic award and the ITT subject.

What do I get?

Bursaries and scholarships are available for trainees during their training year on the Ark Teacher Training programme. You’ll need a 1st, 2:1, 2:2, PhD or Master’s to be eligible for a bursary or scholarship.

Subject Scholarship Bursary (Trainee with 1st, 2:1, 2:2, PhD or Master’s)
Chemistry, computing, geography, languages, and physics £28,000 £26,000
Biology and classics no scholarship available £26,000
Secondary mathematics £22,000 £20,000
English no scholarship available £15,000
Design and technology, history no scholarship available £12,000
Music, religious education no scholarship available £9,000
Primary with mathematics no scholarship available £6,000

For detailed information about funding and the bursaries available to you, check out the DfE’s comprehensive guide here

Trainess on the School Direct route pay their own tuition fee (£9,250) – however you will most likely qualify for a student loan to cover the cost of this. You can find more details here about student loans and maintenance grants to help you.

Regardless of which funding route you take, in your NQT year you will move onto the qualified teacher payscale (the standard amount for a trainee to be offered could range from over £23,486 for Birmingham and Hastings, to £29,375 if you’re based in inner London).



If you wish to train to teach physics, maths, chemistry, geography or modern languages and have a 2:1 degree or higher, you can apply for a tax-free scholarship of up to £28,000. This scholarship replaces the bursary that you would receive from the government – and comes with extra perks, such as access to resources for your subject and a network of other trainees. For more information on scholarships and how to apply through the relevant organisation, click here.


I could consider either funding route…

Being able to train with or without a salary puts you in a strong position as our schools tend to have more School Direct (SD) places available than they do on the SD Salaried route. Let us know at point of application and we’ll confirm again in the interview if you’re shortlisted.

Regardless of the funding route, all trainees receive the same amount of training and support. 

Did you know?…

On both funding routes you will qualify as a student during your training year, which means you will be eligible for student discounts nationally.