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If you hear the phrase ‘summer school’ out and about in the wild, you might assume it’s a punishment for mischievous children that have fallen behind in their studies. Not at Ark Teacher Training, though! Summer School is an exciting time for our trainees to get to grips with learning about the programme, educational theory, and practice. We use this time to ensure our trainees have a foundation of learning before they head off to the classroom. Their teacher training journey starts here!

What is Ark’s summer school?

A mix of guided and independent study, Ark Teacher Training’s Summer School programme is a chance for trainees to learn all about the exciting world of education – before they jump into the thick of it!

For two weeks, our trainees experience a jam-packed curriculum full of educational theory and practice. Our trainees also extensively learn about the Ark Teacher Training programme that they’re about to embark on, making sure there are no surprises and that every trainee is fully prepared for the exciting year ahead.

These are some of the words our new trainees have used to describe why they have joined ATT and their hopes for the children they will teach and for themselves:


“It has been a wonderful couple of weeks of learning, collaborating and practising at #attsummerschool. I have learned so much and loved every minute. Many thanks to all at @ArkTTonline for working so hard to deliver such a brilliant programme of sessions.”

Miss Sherry via Twitter, @MissSherry123

English Teacher

What are the benefits of Ark Teacher Training’s Summer School?

With Ark Teacher Training, you’re based in the classroom from day one. That might sound like a daunting prospect for some. That’s why our Summer School is a great opportunity for all trainees to have a firm foundation of knowledge that they can use in their training year.  Our trainees are supported every step of the way by their dedicated tutor, in-school coach and cohort of fellow trainees. This early phase of the programme provides a bedrock of knowledge that allows trainees to thrive in their training year. 

It’s not all just learning and lessons at Summer School, though. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to meet your fellow trainees. Our Ark Teacher Training community is a supportive and expansive group of talented teachers. We support our exceptional people across the network to collaborate with each other; Ark staff come together regularly locally and nationally to share best practices and develop teaching techniques.

“The thing that I’ve enjoyed most about Summer School has been meeting the other trainees. Especially following on from the solitude of lockdown. It’s great to see that there are other people in the same boat. We’re all facing the same challenges and we’re not totally alone through this training year.”


Maths Teacher

Why training with Ark is different 

Ark is a charity that believes every child has the right to a fantastic education and the skills they need to accomplish whatever they want in life.  Many of our schools are in areas facing social and economic challenges or historic academic underachievement, so you can be sure you’re having an impact from your very first day with Ark Teacher Training.

Our schools are guided by our six pillars in how to make a difference in young people’s lives. And our approach is working. Research shows that out of all the major school groups, Ark makes the biggest difference in transforming the lives of school children.

The training and support you receive really set us apart from other providers. You might be in a school from day one with the School Direct approach, but that doesn’t mean you’re thrown into the deep end:

  • You’ll receive 500 hours of face-to-face training
  • Weekly sessions with your fellow trainees
  • 120 hours team teaching with a great teacher
  • 66 lesson observations with feedback on your practice
  • 190 school days to put your learning into action
  • Three short placements in different schools
  • An in-school coach and an Ark Teacher Training tutor to give you feedback

Ark Teacher Training was rated as ‘outstanding’ in all areas by Ofsted, stating that the programme offered “exceptionally tailored coaching and training… of the very highest standard

“When I reflect about what I most enjoyed about Summer School, there are many aspects, but I guess the one main thing I would take away is meeting the coaching staff and the teaching staff at ATT. The course has been so professional and you can tell how committed and knowledgeable they are. And they have brought me on so far to get me classroom-ready.”


Chemistry Teacher

Our outstanding trainees have outdone themselves this Summer School. At the end of their Summer School journey, we asked what they’ve enjoyed the most about the experience. And they had this to say:

Will you take the plunge into training for this incredibly rewarding career in 2023?

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