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As a teacher, you’ll never stop learning. Every day is different and will encourage you to explore new paths and develop various invaluable skills. As such, teachers tend to have diverse skill sets backed by an innate ability to adapt and master new concepts with ease.

We have outlined some key professional skills you’ll develop as a teacher, but this is just the start!

#1 Communication

If you want to succeed as a teacher, you’ll have to refine your communication skills. From making complex ideas understandable and interesting to communicating clearly with parents, colleagues and students, your day-to-day job is centred around effective written and verbal communication – and flexing it depending on the context.

“I know how to support parents …and I know how to project authority in the classroom and manage a class of children or a large staff team.”

Lorraine Clarke, Regional Director

As you spend more time in the classroom, you’ll develop an ability to tailor your communications to suit different age groups, abilities and situations. You’ll also become accustomed to picking up on warning signs and other behaviours as you enhance your listening skills and develop a new understanding of body language and tone of voice.

#2 Adaptability

While the lockdown demonstrated just how great teachers are at finding new ways to overcome challenges, in reality, it’s something they face almost every day. As the world evolves, new obstacles will arise, and your lessons will be impacted. Adapting and navigating these new situations is all part of being a great teacher.

“Adaptive teaching provides an opportunity for all pupils to experience success, by adapting lessons, whilst maintaining high expectations for all, so that all pupils have the opportunity to meet expectations.”

– Early career framework

As we mentioned earlier, you’ll be constantly interacting with different groups of people, so being able to adapt your communication style to suit is vital. You’ll also come to realise that every child is different, so you’ll need to be able to adjust your lessons and teaching methods to suit different ages, abilities and personalities.

#3 Leadership

From day one, you’ll lead a group of impressionable young minds in the classroom. As their leader, you’ll need to ensure you retain focus, manage time effectively and provide your students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

“I think there is so much more that goes into being a teacher than just ‘knowing a lot’ and ‘speaking in front of a class’. I want that well-rounded, developed presence in the classroom that I can carry with me through all parts of my life.”

– Georgia, Biology Teacher at Ark Alexandra

You can access various new professional development opportunities and roles when you join the Ark network. As you progress through your career in the classroom, you’ll develop a new level of confidence with an ability to command attention and lead others through new and challenging situations. When the time is right, we’ll work with you to offer support and guidance as you progress up the career ladder towards more senior positions.

#4 Time management

Teachers must manage their time effectively to ensure they can complete their tasks to a high standard without compromising their work/life balance. When you join our network as a trainee, we will work with you to develop a timetable that won’t make you burn out.

Over time, and with support from your tutor, colleagues and other programme leads, you’ll learn to prioritise and work to tight deadlines where required.

#5 Collaboration

A crucial part of enhancing your lessons is working with others. Be it sharing responsibilities with your teaching assistant or brainstorming new ideas with other teachers across your department or school. Collaboration is the best way to improve your teaching style, develop new skills and encourage different approaches.

When you train to teach, you’ll not only be helping to educate the next generation, but you’ll also push your development and pick up a range of professional skills along the way.

Find out more about our teacher training programme here.