Ark Teacher Training Wellbeing Week

By 7th April 2017Our Trainees

We know that being a teacher is tough, and being a trainee teacher can be especially tough! That’s why last month we encouraged our trainees to take the time to consider their wellbeing and launched our very first dedicated “wellbeing week”.

It can be easier said than done trying to look after yourself during busy school days, weeks and terms, so we gave our trainees a little extra time and attention to focus on themselves.

The week started with each trainee being given a treat pack consisting of tea, hot chocolate, sweets, a face mask and some chilli seeds.

Throughout the week we hosted an array of activities to allow our trainees to try something new, relax and rejuvenate and, most importantly, celebrate the amazing work they do across our schools. From yoga and mindfulness, crafting and board games, football and a pub night, there was something to suit everyone.

We also encouraged our trainees to take the time to reflect on their journey so far and remind themselves of the difference they are making in the classroom every day. Tutors and ATT alumni shared their thoughts on what teaching means to them.

By the end of the week, our trainees felt refreshed and invigorated, ready to take on their last term of training after the Easter break!

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