All great teachers started where you are

By 24th August 2016 Blog

Welcome to the ARK Teacher Training blog. We hope this will be a great place to share useful information about our programme, showcase our amazing trainees, and of course tell you the wonderful stories we hear from our schools every day.

This summer, our inaugural cohort of Ark trainee teachers graduated with 82% of them achieving the highest grade a trainee teacher can receive. Given that they had made so much progress over their initial year, we felt it important they pass on their wisdom to the incoming cohort of trainee teachers. On their last day of training, we asked them: “If you could offer one piece of advice to our new cohort of trainee teachers, what would it be?”

All great teachers started where you are. This particular piece of sound advice came from Flora Easton, one of our graduates from last year’s Ark Teacher Training programme.

Flora trained at King Solomon Academy, surrounded by great teachers doing an incredible job for pupils living in the poorest ward in Westminster. This year KSA saw 93% of their first cohort of Y11s leave secondary school with 5 A*-Cs, including English and Maths.

Having so many great teachers to turn to every day for advice can be a huge support in your initial teacher training year, but it can also be a constant reminder of what you do not yet know and what you are not yet capable of doing in your own classroom. So it is very important to remember that all those great teachers started out in the same way as you.

If you are walking into school with this week armed with only some subject knowledge, a belief that every child could exceed expectation with the right support, and an understanding that you will have to be the biggest learner in your classroom this year, then you have everything you need to become a great teacher.

And don’t forget to relax. And smile.

Marie Hamer

Head of Ark Teacher Training