We know the early years of a child’s education are of the utmost importance. In primary school, children learn the fundamental skills that will be vital for the rest of their school career – meaning they can prepare for success at secondary and beyond.

We’re looking for the best and brightest candidates to train to teach primary with Ark Teacher Training. We’ll provide you with the highest-quality training, and support you every step of the way. Primary trainees will work with children aged between 5-11 years.  At the end of your first year, you’ll receive a university-accredited PGCE and Qualified Teacher Status and 60 Master’s credits (a third of the credits needed for the full qualification) before progressing onto an NQT development programme in year two.

Your training programme will consist of:

  • School orientation experience

    Before your course starts, you will spend time meeting your new colleagues, interacting with pupils and really getting to know your school so that you can hit the ground running in September.

  • Summer School

    Summer School is the perfect start to your training programme. All new trainees come together over two weeks in a school for an introduction to the programme, and the principles of great teaching. Together, you will start to learn the theory of teaching and practise techniques to get you ready for the start of school.

  • A wealth of support

    You’ll have a main tutor who oversees your training, access to education experts at Ark Teacher Training, and in-school staff dedicated to your development – including your coach who supports you on a daily basis. This is not to mention the other trainees alongside you in your school and throughout the Ark Teacher Training network, who will support you and share the experience with you.

  • Weekly coaching

    Every week you’ll be observed and have a feedback session with your coach. They will work with you to identify a targeted, bite-sized change in your practice that will help you improve most the following week. For example, you may be asked to change the way you move children around the classroom from one task to another.

  • Weekly co-planning

    You will work with a great teacher to plan your lessons. This means you’ll have the opportunity to ask all the detailed questions you may have about how to teach specific elements of the primary curriculum.

  • Weekly training sessions

    Every week you’ll come together with your fellow trainees for face-to-face training with your primary tutor. Sometimes these sessions will focus on how to teach the curriculum and sometimes they will focus on broader areas like behaviour management techniques or assessment. All training combines strong theoretical foundations with practising key techniques – so you’ll be able to test them out with peers before trying them in your class.

  • Classroom teaching

    You’ll be in the classroom from day one meaning you can start having an impact straight away, with plenty of support. In fact, you’ll teach at least 120 lessons alongside an outstanding teacher. As you start the year, you’ll team-teach with your coach, taking on responsibility as the programme progresses, such as independently teaching some subjects. By the end of your first year, you’ll be teaching the whole curriculum to your class.

  • Contrasting school experience

    Seeing other schools is crucial to succeeding in your own. Over your first year, you will spend time in three different schools: you will swap with a fellow trainee in another partner school, you will spend time observing a school outside the Ark Teacher Training network, and you will spend time in a school in a completely different context to your own. These schools help you develop as a teacher by showing you how other schools work, and what makes yours unique.

  • Newly Qualified Teacher programme

    In year two, our highly supportive, tailored NQT programme will guide you through your first full year of teaching. As well as continuing with weekly coaching and co-planning, you’ll also have access to an online learning platform, three network-wide conferences and monthly regional workshops.

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