Covid-19 Update

Update from Ark Teacher Training

We want to provide you with as much information and clarity as possible around our processes and practices in light of changing Coronavirus guidelines, so please read the FAQs below, which we will update regularly.

Our team of dedicated professionals across the Ark network, including principals, teachers and the central Ark team, are working together to ensure we continue to deliver exceptional teaching for students, outstanding training for trainees and support for wider school communities during this time.

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The Application Process 2022

Can I still apply to Ark Teacher Training for September 2022 programme?

Of course! You can start your application here. If you’re interested in teaching primary or maths, be sure to get your application in as soon as possible as places are quickly filling up ahead of the first deadline window!

How will I be interviewed and assessed?

All interviews are now conducted remotely. Your initial interview will be online with one of our recruitment team and will consist of a pre-prepared presentation and competency-based interview. This will last no longer than an hour. For the final stage of the application, you will have a panel interview including a member of our senior leadership team and our programme staff. There will be a competency-based interview and a short teaching task in your preferred subject.

Will I still be able to apply for bursaries, loans, and scholarships as I apply?

Yes, you will still be able to apply for these, but some scholarships may now run their assessments online. You can find more information about funding your training here.

Can I defer my place to 2023?

Unfortunately we aren’t able to offer deferred places to candidates if they are successful.

How can I find out more information?

We hold monthly webinars that are a great way to learn about Ark Teacher Training, the programme and how to apply. They always feature a current trainee and give you the opportunity to participate in a Q&A session. Explore our upcoming webinars here.

How will I be supported?

Despite the difficult circumstances, you can expect the same standard of support from Ark Teacher Training.

You will continue to have a main tutor who oversees your training, access to education experts and in-school staff dedicated to your development. This includes your coach who supports you daily, as well as the other trainees, both in school and virtually.

The 2022/23 Programme

How has Ark Teacher Training adapted and delivered the programme?

During the national lockdowns we supported trainees through a period of remote learning and support.

Training was predominantly carried out remotely, with the exception of in-school training with coaches. Our trainees supported schools and their pupils with online teaching, lesson planning, marking pupils work and calling pupils at home.

Learn more about what life was like in lockdown for our trainees here.

How has the Summer School programme changed?

Summer School will take place in a virtual world this year but don’t worry, you’ll still have the same rigorous training to prepare you for school. Feedback from trainees and their progress throughout virtual Summer School in 2020 and 2021 were both excellent.


“I have been surprised at how fantastically set out the online summer school has been. Having previously thought it might be difficult to fully engage as it was online, I have found the opposite: it has been great to work through the independent learning modules at my own pace. My facilitation groups have been brilliant – everyone has engaged in the group work in breakout rooms and I feel I have really connected with the others in my group, which I was anxious of missing out on. Overall, I am really enjoying summer school! I can’t wait to put everything I am learning into real time practise when I return to school in September and am motivated to be the best teacher I can be, as a result of the fantastic teaching!” Ark Teacher Trainee – 2020

How will I get a school orientation experience?

We are working with all teachers and principals to ensure trainees do not miss out. You will be supported with a combination of online learning and in-person meetings with key staff to become familiar with your new school.

How has Covid-19 shaped the Ark Teacher Training programme?

Weekly training remains online as the model of delivery, which has had a really positive impact on trainee wellbeing and workload. In spite of the challenges, trainee progress has been very strong – a testament to the resilience of our trainees and the organisation.


“I have actually found I got more done, did more reading around the trainings and have engaged really well with the online training since the pandemic… I think remote training works better.”
Ark Teacher Trainee – 2020.

Ready to take the next step?

We are now recruiting for September 2022! Our school-based teaching programme will provide the foundations for a rewarding and exciting career in teaching.

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