Non-UK qualification requirements

In order to join any Initial Teacher Training programme in the United Kingdom, you must meet certain academic criteria set by the UK government. If you obtained your high school or degree results outside of the European Economic Area (EEA), you will need to provide Ark Teacher Training with:  

  • Evidence of your right to work in the UK for the duration of the two-year programme 
  • Confirmation from NARIC* that your degree is equivalent to a UK Bachelors degree with Honours 
  • Confirmation from NARIC that your school qualifications include grades equivalent to a C in maths and English language (and also a science subject if you’re teaching primary). 


 *What is NARIC?  

UK ‘National Academic Recognition Information Centre 

To prove that your qualifications meet the UK initial teacher training academic criteria, you will need to get a ‘Statement of Comparability’ from the UK National Academic Recognition Information Centre (UK NARIC). For information about NARIC’s services and prices, please click here and follow the instructions to obtaining statements of comparability. 

Please note that we cannot progress your application with Ark Teacher Training until we have received evidence of your UK NARIC Statements of Comparability.  


Frequently Asked Questions

“Do IELTS and Cambridge English assessments count as equivalent qualifications?”
We do not accept other qualifications such as IELTS or Cambridge English assessments.

“My NARIC Statement of Comparability states that my qualification in English is equivalent to a ‘second language’ at GCSE level. Does this count as equivalent?”
We do not accept NARIC certificates that say your non-UK English language qualification is equivalent to a ‘second language’ at GCSE level. 

“What if my qualifications are not equivalent?”
If your NARIC certificate shows your school results not to be equivalent to the required maths or English GCSE, you will need to pass a ‘GCSE equivalency test’ in that subject/s. We accept equivalency tests from all UK providers so just search online for one you’d like to use and sit the test/s with them.