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Rachel left the army to retrain as a primary teacher – Read her journey so far

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Like many of my peers on the Ark Teacher Training programme, before starting at Ark Swift Primary Academy in September, I had no classroom experience. Prior to starting my teacher training I had been an officer in the British Army Intelligence Corps for six years. This was a job that I had loved almost every moment of, so when the time came to move on, like any good officer, I sat down to analyse the parts of the job that I wanted to take forward into my new career. Essentially it boiled down to three things; working with people every day, leadership, and a having a career with a strong sense of purpose. Clearly all three are captured within being a teacher, but it is the final point, the sense of purpose, that made Ark really stand out to me. I have no doubt, thinking about the children in our classroom, that if we do our jobs to the best of our ability then will change what the future has to offer them.

Being in the classroom from day one has meant that I have been able to develop a deep understanding of each of my pupil’s individual (and often hilarious) personalities. I have seen the amazing amount of progress that children have made throughout the term. One child, having gone from being unable to read basic three letter words, now sits firmly in the middle of her peer group. As a result her confidence in all areas of school life has visibly grown, which is heart-warming to see.

One of the best aspects of training with Ark is the relationship that you build with your classroom coach. Being with them daily means that you receive a wealth of informal coaching and feedback and get to tackle errors or misconceptions far earlier than you otherwise might. One important lesson I learnt – never ask a child to pass you what they were playing with, it might just end up being a small, green, bogey!

Rachel - primary trainee

Rachel speaking about her experience to potential trainees


There have been some challenging times over the last term. As a career changer I think the most difficult thing to come to terms with is the fact that I was used to operating in an environment where I had achieved a certain level of confidence and now find myself firmly back in the novice category. Preaching to the children about errors being a part of learning has been something that I’ve also had to take on board myself.


Despite any testing times, there has genuinely not been a moment where I have questioned my decision to transfer into teaching. This ultimately comes back to the sense of purpose that comes from working with a group of like-minded individuals who are truly invested in the outcomes of our children. When you are feeling a little tired first thing on a Monday morning and you see your pupils come racing across the playground, trying to be the first one in, raring to go, you can’t help but smile and look forward to the day ahead.

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Top tips for a great teacher training application

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We often get asked ‘what makes a great teacher training application?’ While the experience and passion will have to come from you, we’ve come up with five simple tips to make sure you can avoid the easy mistakes and submit the best application you can. 

1. Think carefully: Teaching is one of the most rewarding careers, but can also be incredibly challenging. We’re looking for people who are really sure this is what they want to do and know this is the right career for them, as well as being sure they support our mission. If you’re invited to an assessment day with us, you’ll need to be ready to talk about this clearly and passionately.

2. Get some hands-on experience: The best way to prepare for a career working with young people is to gain experience of working with young people. Whether that’s securing some experience in your local Ark school, or coaching sport to young people in your community, it’s all useful experience which will help to strengthen your application.

3. Do your homework: There are many ways to train as a teacher so we want to hear why you want to train with Ark Teacher Training in particular. As part of our recruitment process, we’re also looking for evidence that you understand Ark as an organisation and the context which we work in. We recommend taking a look through our website and watching this video to learn more about the work we do.

4. Dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s: Read our eligibility criteria carefully to ensure you meet our requirements for the programme and be proactive in filling in any missing gaps, particularly if you completed your qualifications outside the UK. You’ll also need to complete a subject knowledge test if you pass our eligibility screening, so be sure to spend some time looking at the curriculum of your chosen subject.

5. Practise and perfect: Alongside the subject knowledge test, you’ll complete a situational judgement assessment, which looks at how you’d react in different school situations. There are some sample questions for this on our website, which you can use to practise. We’d also recommend practising for your interview with us, if you’re invited to an assessment day, so you can answer our questions confidently.

Followed our tips and ready to submit your application? Apply today and join us in transforming lives through education. 

“There’s an emphasis on training and support throughout the programme” – Mike #ATTclassof2018

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I originally started teaching English as a foreign language. I taught primary-aged students overseas in a number of countries, including Spain and Brazil.

I took my TEFL qualification when I finished university as I wanted to travel and this seemed like a good way to do it. I ended up finding I really enjoyed teaching and wanted to do my PGCE and get the qualifications.

I chose Ark Teacher Training because I really liked the structure of the programme. It seemed very professional and was led by experts. There is a clear emphasis on training and support throughout the two-year programme. I knew I’d be supported and not just thrown into the classroom!

Summer school provided us with lots of information and all of it was really useful. The simple things were the most interesting and beneficial for me, such as how to plan a lesson. It was all broken down into easy steps and wasn’t intimidating at all.

I’ll be teaching at Ark Chamberlain Primary Academy in Birmingham and I got to visit the school last term as part of the school orientation offered by Ark Teacher Training. It was really helpful to see the school in action and meet everyone I’d be working with.

I already have experience in a classroom from my EFL teaching, but now I’m excited to get in my new classroom and build on my existing experience.


“I felt inspired at school, now I want to inspire others” – Tom #ATTclassof2018

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I’ve always known I wanted to be a teacher. Mainly for three reasons:

  1. I loved my geography teacher at school. He inspired me and I wanted to be like him.
  2. I want to do a job where I can make a difference in people’s lives.
  3. I didn’t want an office job. I wanted to be excited by my role. I wanted something fulfilling where every day was different.

I decided to go straight into my teacher training after graduating this summer because I knew what I wanted to do and was just keen get out there and get on with it! I knew I wanted to teach, so why wait?

I was lucky enough to get some school experience whilst I was still at university. I started regularly volunteering at my local school during my free periods and got to know the school and the students. I also attended an Insight Day organised by Ark Teacher Training at Ark Globe Academy in south London.

When I was at Globe, I saw first-hand the unparalleled support offered by both the school and Ark Teacher Training. What I really liked about Ark Teacher Training was the opportunity to learn from so many experts. You’re able to get feedback from at least four different great teachers on a regular basis and that will make you a better teacher, and quickly.

Summer school was a great opportunity to start to understand how everything links together. The subject specific sessions have been really helpful as well. I’m not too far removed from my subject having studied it at university, but it was a handy reminder.

I am looking forward to my first day and just seeing how it will go. I know not everyone day will go well, but I’m prepared for the challenge to try again the next day. I’m hoping to make my students love geography as much as I do and am really ready to get started now.

“I used to be in awe of the teachers at my school, now I know I can do this” – Ben #ATTclassof2018

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I had a crisis around my 25th birthday. I was working in sales and wasn’t getting any job satisfaction. I wanted to do something worthwhile and working with young people seemed like a natural choice.

I’ve been working at Ark Putney Academy as a Teaching Assistant for a year. When I decided I wanted to work with young people, I approached Putney because it was my old school! I still knew some of the teachers and it was a setting I could relate to, it helped that I could picture myself in that school environment.

Being a TA at Putney has been great. I’ve been offered so much support and was always made to feel part of the team. When I first started, I was in awe of the teachers, but then as the year progressed I started to see the value I could add and began to think “I could do this.”

As soon as I started thinking about training to teach, it seemed like the most obvious thing in the world. It was a natural progression from what I’d already been doing and everyone at my school was really encouraging.

I’ve felt a lot of support throughout the process. The training programme with Ark sounded great and it was very clear. I knew exactly what the route would be and what it would look like.

I’m looking forward to putting what I learnt at summer school into practice. Prior to starting my training, I would just imitate what other teachers did, now I already have a better understanding of the theory behind teaching. There’s no doubt it was incredibly helpful having been a TA for a year, but summer school has been a great crash course, I feel like I’ve learnt everything I need to know to get started!

Bronwyn ATT trainee

“I feel lucky to be training among experts” – Bronwyn #ATTclassof2018

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Teaching is such a rewarding career and I love working with children. I love seeing the expression on someone’s face when they finally understand something that they have been struggling with and knowing I’ve helped them achieve that.

I was struck by Ark’s social mission. I had previously volunteered with another educational charity which shared a similar social mission of reducing social inequality. This inspired me to pursue a career that would also provide opportunities for all children, regardless of background.

The wealth of support that Ark offers to teachers in their training year and beyond really stood out to me against all over training providers. Ark also offers a large number of schools to train in across England which gave me the flexibility to train in a place that suited both me and the school.

I studied music at the University of Bristol and was involved in the music society ensembles. I was initially torn between working in the marketing industry or teaching, but after part-time jobs in both sectors I realised that I felt more passionately about teaching.

I really enjoyed being able to meet like-minded people at summer school who were just as passionate about Ark’s social mission. Practising teaching techniques and learning efficient planning structures made me feel prepared for September.

I’m excited to meet my students and help them foster an appreciation of music. I’m also looking forward to being involved in extra-curricular opportunities like running music ensembles. I feel very lucky to be training to teach in an outstanding school among expert teachers.

Rachel ATT trainee

“I can think of no career more rewarding” – Rachel #ATTclassof2018

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Prior to starting my training with Ark, I was a Captain in the British Army Intelligence Corps. During my service, I worked with vulnerable people from across the world. What I witnessed during my time in Helmand, Afghanistan, was a society where children were born into mostly hopeless futures. Futures where basic security was absent, hospital care limited and education nonexistent for most. At home in Britain, I can think of no career more rewarding than one that is dedicated towards offering a fair chance and future for our next generation.

While there are many other teacher training providers, for me, Ark’s mission of giving every young person, regardless of background, a great education meant that I could take forward the sense of purpose I had serving in the Army into my next career.

Having just finished summer school, what really stood out the most were my fellow trainees and the sense of camaraderie that quickly developed; being with a like-minded group of people, with an assortment of fantastic achievements already behind them, was very inspiring. As a complete teaching novice I found the training that we received was easily digestible and hugely supportive.

Now that September is here, I am looking forward to taking the techniques and lessons from summer school forward into the classroom and really getting to know my year ones.

Rachael ATT trainee

“Life will look very different in September…” – Rachael #ATTclassof2018

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People have often commented I should consider teaching,  but coming from a family of teachers, I wanted to do my own thing. I did know I wanted to make a difference though, but didn’t know what that would actually look like. After several other jobs and spending a lot of time volunteering with children, I finally accepted that teaching was the right option for me.

Teaching is a privilege; you are a key influence in children’s lives. Regardless of their home life, you have the opportunity to provide a child with hope, self-belief and confidence in their ability.

Ark’s mission and beliefs appeal to me greatly; I am passionate about helping others realise their potential. Growing up in Birkenhead, working as a camp counsellor with kids from American ‘ghettos’, teaching children in Brazilian favelas and working with churches and schools in low-socio economic areas has made me passionate about ensuring everyone has the same opportunities

The programme itself appealed to me because of the level of support you receive; right from the application stage. It was extremely reassuring to know that I would be embarking on a new career in an environment that wanted me to achieve my best and would encourage me at every step.

Having graduated from the University of Exeter in 2014 with a BA Theology, I have spent the last couple of years primarily as a freelance illustrator. I was lucky to be able to publish a children’s book ‘Finley the Fox and the Christmas Bells’. It was incredible to have my drawings in print and I had a great opportunity to read the story to groups of children. This magical experience was one of the final nudges I needed to get into teaching.

I was slightly apprehensive about summer school; it was a significant change for me and I was a little nervous about meeting the other trainees. However, it was an extremely beneficial and rewarding experience. The training was really thorough, I finished feeling very prepared for the next year and it was lovely to meet lots of like-minded people.

I loved the final showcase. All the tutor groups came together and shared a short presentation about their experience. After a tough few weeks, it was great to come together and reflect on just how much we had learnt in a couple of weeks.

Life will look very different in September; I am bracing myself for the change in pace but also relishing the challenge. It will be so rewarding to start getting to know my class and beginning to help them realise their potential. Children, particularly at primary age, often provide wonderfully refreshing approaches and reflections on life. I look forward to having a job where my approach to life is regularly enriched by sharing in those moments and experiences.

Ark Teacher Training 2016/17 cohort celebrate graduation

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Last month, our 2016/17 trainees celebrated completing their training year with a graduation ceremony at Ark All Saints Academy.

On Tuesday 11 July, our 81 trainees came together in south London to look back over the past year, celebrate their successes and receive their certificates.

Their journey came full circle with the ceremony being held in the same place they begun the programme, almost a year ago, when they attended the two-week summer school.

The evening saw speeches from trainees, tutors, principals, Ark Teacher Training alumni and Ark trustee Anthony Williams. Ark’s new regional director and former Regional Schools Commissioner Rebecca Clark, also addressed our newly qualified teachers to share her advice about the five lessons they should take into their NQT year with them.

Kate Henney, English teacher at Ark Burlington Danes Academy, west London gave a speech to her fellow graduates on the evening; “It has undoubtedly been a hard year – and at times, this evening has felt like an unattainable goal. But here we are. We have worked hard to transform outcomes for the children we work with, but this year has also transformed us. It has been a privilege to be part of this aspirational, caring and motivated cohort, and I am proud of how we have supported one another to this point of graduating as qualified, and transformational, teachers.”

All 81 trainees successfully passed their training year, and are staying in teaching next year.

For all trainees there have been ups and downs, but Craig Smith, PE teacher at Ark Kings Academy in Birmingham, said his highlight was inspiring his students; “I’ve loved teaching a subject I’m passionate about and passing that on to my students. It’s been great to see the progress they have made not only in their PE performance but also as individuals overcoming their own personal barriers.”



Most trainees said they would miss their weekly training sessions, as it gave them a chance to catch-up with the rest of the cohort and share stories from the classroom. Bryony Biamonti, history teacher at Ark Helenswood Academy in Hastings, also said the guidance she’d been given by previous trainees has been invaluable;  “I had excellent advice from the previous cohort before starting Ark Teacher Training last year. Acting on their advice made my training year immeasurably easierThis is the proudest I have ever felt; getting through the year with my classes was one achievement with the PGCE and QTS elements as their own success! It was tough, but I had excellent support from my tutors at Ark and my placement school.”

We wish all our graduates luck as they embark on their NQT years in September and look forward to welcoming our 2017/18 cohort to summer school on Monday 7 August!


“I love being a Campus Ambassador – it’s helped my confidence and I’ve developed new skills.”

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 I’m Jess and I’m a Campus Ambassador for Ark Teacher Training at the University of Sheffield. I’m in my third year at university and am studying English Literature.

I was first attracted to the role as I liked Ark’s mission as an educational charity. The role was really flexible and allowed me to fit in work around my busy timetable. I’m interested in getting into teaching after university, so thought it would be a great way for me to find out more and spread the word on campus about Ark!

The role itself is really varied. From organising and facilitating events to promote the programme, to helping people with their applications and answering any questions they might have. One of the biggest parts of the role is promoting the Ark Teacher Training brand on campus, I do this through flyers, social media and chatting to people about the programme and Ark schools.

I’ve loved organising the events to promote Ark Teacher Training. My highlight has been the Spoken Word evening I ran in association with the university’s Poetry Society. We even had a performance from Mark Grist, former English teacher turned poet. The event had a good turnout and everyone had a great night! The evening was themed around teaching and provided a unique and interesting way for people to find out more about teacher training.

Being a Campus Ambassador has really helped me with my organisation and management skills. Being in charge of my own events has been exciting and empowering. The role has also helped to build my confidence. By presenting and engaging with people at careers fairs, I’ve improved my public speaking and presentation skills and now feel really confident talking to new people!

I love being a Campus Ambassador and would definitely recommend it. It’s been really flexible and fits in around my studies and extra-curricular activities. I’ve also enjoyed learning more about teaching and the great work Ark does.

Want to join Jess? Apply now to become a Campus Ambassador for 2017/18.